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Extreme 5 Point Calvinism

God's End Times Calendars -

Three Full Sessions. Understand your times! Learn More.

The Sunflower and TULIP - A brief overview of the dangers of extreme Calvinism.

This 13 minute summary is designed to provoke Bible study on this critical issue. VIM, Download: PDF+Notes or ? (PowerPoint by request.) Learn more.

Comparing the Covenants.

This two-part video presentation re-inforces the critical importance of giving the New Covenant it's proper place in our teaching and in our living. March 2012. VIM or ?

Modern Dispensational Views.

A five minute presentation explains various views within Dispensationalism as they relate to the all-important New Covenant. VIM, Flip/Deaf, Download: PDF+Notes, or ?

Evangelicalism's New Face

A fifteen minute video addressing the impact of the new millennial mindset that has resulted in the hybrid child of reformed and charismatic teaching. Vimeo, PDF or ?

A Biblical Understanding of Christ's Blood -

FIVE well-invested minutes! VIM, Flip/Deaf, Download: PDF+Notes or ? (PowerPoint by request.)


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Misunderstanding the New Covenant represents

the singular source of most doctrinal error not

related to the Person of Christ Himself. We simply

must understand the New Covenant to avoid

falling into error.

A Many folks have heard the labels such as Classical,

Typical, Revised, and Progressive Dispensationalism.

Few understand how each of them relate to the New Covenant.

You know Christ shed His blood on the cross,

but do you know why the blood of Christ is equally

as important as His death?. Our promise: Watch this

five minute video and we guarantee we'll get you thinking!

(You can also request the Powerpoint slides from Jim.)

Improve your witness by learning how God's calendars

work and by understanding the lie of antichrist.

These are audio sessions. Click to learn more.